Videographer wanted

Hey There,

So I’ll cut straight to the chase. I’m looking for an aspiring videographer who can both shoot & edit and has a passion for story telling. This individual would be documenting a volleyball teams season and producing short 5-10 minute videos for all the practices, competitions, travel, and team events.

Ideally this individual would be able to attend all practices (2-3 per week) and travel competitions (2 per month) from January to May. This would be perfect for a high school or university student who’s looking to build up their portfolio. We are not looking for anyone who’s already a professional as we would not be able to afford your services given the hours involved. You can use your own equipment or ours whichever works best for you.

The successful candidate would have all their travel expenses covered for the competitions and an honorarium of $3000.

Examples of the type of videos I’d like produced;

Example 1

Example 2

if You’re interested

Please shoot a short email to David telling him about yourself and why you’re interested. It would also help If you included a link to a video you’ve created. We look forward to hearing from you.