We produce quality recruiting videos and websites

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Do you dream of seeing your child play post secondary volleyball?

One of the most important parts to navigating your child towards a post secondary volleyball career is presenting them to coaches.  You need to both present your child in the most positive light as well as distinguish yourself from the hundreds of packages coaches receive. 

How we can help you

We can take the the weight of the world off your shoulders by putting together the best recruiting package possible.  Our packages are second to none and put your child in front of coaches with their best foot forward. You provide the talent and leave everything else to us. 

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Packages and Pricing

Silver Package

  • Family consultation
  • Skill Video Production
  • Online Integration - Website, Youtube, Flickr


Gold Package

  • Family consultation
  • Skill Video Production
  • Online Integration - Website, Youtube, Flickr
  • 3 Match Video Recording
  • Highlight Video Production


*Does not include possible gym rental fee for shooting skill video.

Silver Package Example



Gold Package Highlight Video Example