Top Ten Reasons
You Should Play Beach.

1. Psychological Break
Fun, relaxed environment, no subs, no coaches, part of each rally

2. Ball Contacts
Keep skills sharp, play every rally, more practice contacts

3. Court Awareness
Ball and non ball cues, & spatial awareness

4. Injury Recovery
Less strenuous on shoulder, knee, ankle, back, & soft sand

5. Develop Mental Toughness
Strength minimized, weaknesses magnified, focus & self control

6. Pull Self Out of Tank
No subs, refocusing, execution
under pressure

7. Physical Conditioning
Aerobic fitness, anaerobic lactic system, jump, & core strength

8. Improvisation
Broken play, abnormal conditions, & develop creativity

9. Decision Making Skills
Block/no block, hit/shot, hand set/forearm set, depart from strategy


Why You Should
Train With Academy?

Because we have a rockstar coaching staff and that's the most important aspect to any great program.

Claudia Corneil
Douglas College University
Beach Summer Games Champion

Brie O'Reilly
Trinity Western University
Beach Provincial Champion

Kara Davis
Trinity Western University Beach National Team

Cara Keturakis
Point Loma University
 Beach National Silver

Don't Miss Out!  Join Us On the Sand!

Where and When do we practice?

We practice rain or shine from 6:00 - 8:00 PM at Don Christian Park (6220 - 184 Street, Surrey BC).  When you register you'll have the option of training Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Have Questions? Great, we have answers.

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